Pet Memorial Jewelry

Made from premium Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated Silver, Silvercut™ custom memorial pet jewelry is precisely cut & engraved with the silhouette of your photo.

Silvercut pet jewelry

It’s one of the biggest tragedies of life that our dearly loved pets won’t stay with us forever.

But with Silvercut’s unique pet remembrance jewelry, your beloved animal will keep you company wherever you go. 

More than a simple decoration, our memorial jewelry is a way to treasure your relationship and their unconditional love and affection forever. 

Thanks to our high-tech engraving process, we have designed pet memorial jewelry which transfers your animal’s likeness as lifelike as possible.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you at it. 

Here’s how it works:

First, you upload your favorite high-resolution photo of your animal. (Read Guidelines)

Next, our professional engravers will create a detailed silhouette from the image you provided and engrave the pet memorial jewelry exactly like the image either onto premium Sterling Silver or 18k Gold-Plated Silver.

Within 5 business days (+ 1-3 additional days for 18k Gold Plated Silver) the jewelry will be ready to be shipped for you to treasure forever.

Happy customers

With Silvercut’s unique remembrance jewelry, your beloved animal will keep you company wherever you go.


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If you have a problem, we want to solve it. If you don't like your Silvercut™, we'll replace it. Whatever it takes. 

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